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  Total 3554 3694
1 linuxgirlie 984 984
2 kmeckisef 899 900
3 KevinFreitas 636 637
4 iknowican 490 491
5 mackley 71 90
6 designerBrent 23 44
7 thephotoman 19 28
8 hillbilly 21 27
9 sburner 26 26
10 pieter 15 23

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You as a advanced computer user, you are the key for a better web!
Bring back to your relatives, friends, co-workers and everyone else you know the smooth internet experience they long for. In other words:

  • Take away from them Internet Explorer and Outlook Express (evil)
  • Install Firefox or the Mozilla Suite (good)

zillivisation gives you the possibility to report those converts and gain fame by staying at the top of the ranking!

Okay, but how?

  1. Inform yourself at the appropriate websites about all the advantages of the beloved Mozilla derivates.
  2. Inform the victim about the advantages and ask, whether she/he would mind using a new & better browser.
  3. Install Firefox or the Mozilla Suite and make it the default browser.
  4. Hide Internet Explorer by deleting the icon on the desktop and the Quick Start toolbar.
  5. Register, report your conversion and gain fame. Please assure yourself that the conversion conforms to zillivisation's rules.